A man and a woman of God-23rd September 2022


Oasis Global

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Friday, September 23rd, 2022



                 1 Timothy 6:11-21

   The idea behind this passage is that each one of us should grow past a certain point. We should be maturing spiritually so that we can help others mature. I think the complaint that the author of Hebrews had still applies to us today is how long have you been a Christian? How long have you been coming to church? How long have you owned that, Bible?

     By this time should you be teachers and leaders? The man or woman of God doesn’t just focus on feeding themselves; they take what they’ve learned and teach others. First, you can foster growth by teaching contentment. The lesson from verse 17 is so simple and so practical. First, instruct people who are wealthy not to be conceited. Let them know that their money is a gift from God. Teach everyone to be humble and generous and balanced with their money. Next, don’t fix your hope on earthly things. Riches will come and go. Instead, fix your hope on God, who gives us things to enjoy.

    We need to teach contentment because it is a hard lesson for some people to learn. It will help us so much in our relationship with God and others. We also need to teach commitment. Teach people to stay committed to the things that matter most. Paul says, teach people to do good, to be rich in good works. And teach them to share. Store up those treasures in heaven. Build a foundation on eternal things, not worthless earthly things. It does take a high degree of commitment to be a man or woman of God. It isn’t something that happens by accident. Those of you who are more mature need to encourage others to finish the race, to stay on course.

    Finally, we can foster growth by teaching constancy. In the final verses Paul says to Timothy, “O Timothy, guard what’s been entrusted to you”. Don’t get sucked into that worldly knowledge. Don’t get moved off course by all the junk out there. Hold fast to what you have been given. Teaching contentment, commitment, and consistency is done through our example. We need to model these things and show others how it’s done. We can teach these things through talking to people. Share with them the truth. Encourage them to stand firm.

   Are you a man or woman of God? Do you desire to become a man or woman of God? What will it take to get there? What needs to change to accomplish that goal. Are you a person that flees from evil? Do you avoid sin and anything that would bring dishonor to the name of God? Are you a person that follows virtue? Do you seek after things that are holy and noble and righteous? Are you a person who fights for the faith? Not just believes it, but lives it, protects it, guards it, and stands up for it. And are you a person who fosters growth? Do other people blossom around you? Or do they shy away from you? Are you mature to the point that you are now able to teach others, or are you still needing milk? God calls us to be men and women of God. Let’s strive together to make that the goal of our lives. 


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