Counting the cost-2nd September 2022


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Friday, September 2nd, 2022



                  Luke 14:7-14

       A quantity surveyor or a construction cost estimator will typically advise anyone with a construction project that counting the cost is absolutely necessary. An individual or organization embarking in any form of building project without estimating and counting the cost sets itself or themselves up for failure. A wise individual with the intention to build needs to estimate what it takes to execute a successful project

Jesus in (Luke 14:26-27) while teaching crowds that were travelling with him taught them about the cost of being his disciple. It has been said that salvation is free but discipleship is expensive and it will cost you dearly. Discipleship in its nature is costly because it demands change. Discipleship in its essence entails learning or being a student of the divine.

          (2 Peter 1:4) teaches us that we have been given exceeding great and precious promises, that by these we might be partakers of the divine nature. The Kingdom life gives us access to divine living and it is unnatural to the old nature of man. Jesus teaches the crowds that he is in the business of remaking people into what they ought to be as his disciples. Disciples learn to depart from the old Adamic nature and this takes both work and commitment. It is what the Apostle Peter describes regarding who believers should be transformed and discipled to become (1 Peter 2:5) you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

        Believers are living stones being built into the spiritual house that God is building. God is in the business of building a spiritual and not a natural house, therefore leaning into learning the ways of God’s Holy Spirit will enable one to become the disciple Jesus taught. Practically what are the costs that Jesus was referring to if we are to become his disciples being built into the spiritual house he is building. We need to spend time with him in prayer, in his word reading the Bible, in Praise and Worship, in meditating upon his word day and night and finally in keeping company with fellow believers so that we can strengthen and encourage one another. 

          Naturally if we are to build a tower, we are required to count the cost of purchasing the land, the construction material and permits, and factor in the labor required to build. In the same manner, if we are to be good disciples who walk with the lord we need to forsake all distractions regardless of the area they come from and follow the Lord spending time with him while seeking to know him. When we do this we show that we are counting the cost, much like one building a tower doesn’t think that the tower will suddenly appear without much effort on their part. The man who builds a tower realizes that this is a huge undertaking and begins with counting the cost. If we are to become true disciples, we must count the cost of what this means in light of walking with

          Jesus from now until eternity which is a long time from now. Having done this, we realize that the journey is long therefore we take up our own cross and begin to follow the Lord investing our time, energy and treasure to become more like him. As we do so, our lives are transformed into true disciples or the living stones that God is using to build his spiritual house. Finally, discipleship takes hard work, denying yourself to follow him in your Bible, in Prayer is hard work but when you behold the tower that is eventually built, you will be glad that you followed the Lord’s leading. So our focus this week is that we are being called to count the cost of following God even before we start the journey. Are you willing?



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