Do you believe?-5th August 2022

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United Methodist Mission


Friday, August 5th, 2022


Mark 5:21-43 

Fear and faith, desperation, and wholeness, the marginalized and the powerful; it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how grave your situation may be. The power of Jesus can take us from one side to the other! Most all of us are familiar with the saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” When hard pressed on all sides, when things begin tumbling down; how long does it take for us to turn to God? Sometimes we try and solve it out on our own.

Pride can get in our way. Doubt can keep us from being set free. Peer pressure can stop us from seeking the Real Help we need. A kind of self-loathing or a feeling of “I’m not good enough” can create great obstacles to our healing. So many of us come to Jesus as a last resort.

So many come to seek the help of Christ because they have reached their “wit’s end. “They may have battled with temptation until they couldn’t fight it any longer. They may have struggled with some exhausting and overwhelming situation until reaching a breaking point and then cried out for a strength which wasn’t their own.

They may have tried and tried to be good, only to become utterly frustrated. But whether we reach out to God right away…which of course, would save us from much heart-ache…or whether we wait until we’ve tried everything else, Jesus never sends us away! sees is the Helper of the helpless; He is the Great Physician and the Lover of our Souls!!!

It’s time for each of us to know that we are all loved God and turn all your issues to God. Don’t miss this Sunday to hear more from Mark 5




Sunday Service!!!

Friends, both those who are considering to be in person, and online, Don’t miss the service this Sunday. Come lets hear the word of the Lord from Pastor Amos Musembi