Double Inheritance-1st July 2022

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Friday, July 1st, 2022


Prayer is designed not only to be serviceable to man, but honorable God. It is a tax (redounding indeed with unspeakable benefits to the tax-payer, but still a tax) laid upon our time; just as almsgiving is a tax laid upon our substance; and if we would render unto God the things that are God's, the tribute-money must be faithfully and punctually paid.

1.Think of yourself before you kneel down, not simply as a suppliant for help, but as a priest addressing himself to offer sacrifice and to burn incense. The time of the morning or evening oblation is come; the altar is ready; the incense is at hand; the sacerdotal robe of Christ's righteousness waits to be put on; array thyself in it; and go into the sanctuary of thy heart and do the priestly ministration.

2. It was the quaint but excellent saying of an old saint that a man should deal with distractions in prayer as he would deal with dogs who run out and bark at him when he goes along the street, — walk on fast and straightforward, and take no notice of them. Persevere in presenting yourself to God during the period for which the prayer ought to last and would last under happier circumstances. He loves to draw out perseverance in prayer, loves the indication thus given that, amidst all discouragements, the soul clings obstinately to Himself; and very early in the world's history He signified His approval of this temper of mind by rewarding and crowning, as He did, Jacob's struggle with the Jehovah-Angel. It must be remembered that this quiet, resolute patience, even amidst the disorders and distractions of our own spirit, is probably the most acceptable offering which can be made to the Most High God.

3. But definite practical rules may be given, which will not be long acted upon without giving a better tone to our devotions. There are parts of prayer which cannot be selfish, which directly seek either the interests of others, or the glory of God; see that these parts be not absent from your prayers.

(1) Intercede for others and acquire the habit of interceding. Consider their wants, trials, and difficulties, and bear them upon your heart as you bear your own before the throne of grace. Intercession is a priestly service. Christ, the great High Priest, intercedes for us all above. And we, if we would prove ourselves members of God's royal priesthood upon earth and perform with fidelity those spiritual sacrifices which we were consecrated in baptism to present, must intercede for others.

(2) Let praise — not merely thanksgiving, but praise — always form an ingredient of thy prayers. We thank God for what He is to us; for the benefits which He confers, and the blessings with which He visits us. But we praise Him for what He is in Himself, for His glorious excellences and perfections, independently of their bearing on the welfare of the creature. In praise the thought of self-vanishes from, and is extinguished in, the mind; and therefore, to be large and fervent in praise counteracts the natural tendency to selfishness which is found in mere prayer.





Baptism Sunday!!!

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We shall be celebrating our 8th anniversary!

To celebrate this monumental occasion, we shall have Revival services everyday from 6PM to 9PM then an Anniversary ï»¿Celebration followed by a Faith driven fundraiser.

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