Greetings in Christ-16th June 2022

Oasis Global

United Methodist Mission


Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Greetings in Christ!

Father's Day in the last 2 years was the most likely a different Father's Day than any other year as we slowly come out of this Global Pandemic known as COVID-19.

Since early March of 2020, things have been different as this affected the way we observe Good Friday, Easter, Mother's Day and many other holidays. While this has been a tremendously challenging few months we have gone through, we know that God is still great, and greatly to be praised! On this Father's Day, we wanted to take a few moments to offer some words of encouragement and appreciation to all the Fathers who have chosen to worship with us.

In a world that continues to attack Fatherhood in so many ways, we want you to know that we honor you and pray for you not only on this day but throughout the year. It seems we are bombarded with television shows and commercials which intend to diminish the role of the Father into someone they are not, especially God-fearing Dads.


Sunday Service!!!

Come and celebrate fatherhood with us at the above location at 1130AM in person and 1200PM all Central USA time , whether biological father or not according to Isaiah 54:1 for many are your children.

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We shall be celebrating our 8th anniversary! We want to thank you all for all your generosity and hard work towards growing our congregation.


To celebrate this monumental occasion, we shall have Revival services everyday from 6PM to 9PM then an Anniversary

Celebration followed by a Faith driven fundraiser.

Share the flyer widely and mark your calendars!!!!

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Pastor-Rev. Mary Miriti-Jackson

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