How important is Faith-13th May 2022

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Friday, May 13, 2022

How important is Faith

Faith is the essential element in our relationship with God. Jesus says that if you have faith, you can command a mountain to jump into the sea. He also taught them that they must ask in his name and that their prayers must be in accordance to God’s will. Still, another way he puts it is that if they remain in him, or abide in him, they can ask anything, and it will be done for them (Jn 15:7).

Prayer is the great privilege of the child of God. It is simply amazing that we can come to God through Christ, and that he grants us to ask him for things. It is also a wonderful mystery that the Sovereign God of the universe has ordained that he accomplishes his will in part through our prayers. He has a plan that involves us sometimes coming to him to change his mind about something (Ex 32:14).


The question here is what does it mean to “believe that you have received it?” Many have employed positive thinking techniques when praying, only to be disappointed. And yet, this is a promise. All the teaching of Jesus on prayer taken together points to a life of abiding in Christ and living for his name, and in his name so that we can be in line with the will of God, and he will move us to pray the prayers we will have faith for or will “believe we have received it.”



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