Its not over yet-19th August 2022

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Friday, August 19th, 2022


2 Samuel 12: 19-20 

Somebody reading this devotion, and the devil has been ministering to your mind, got you thinking because you made some bad decisions, you fell short, you missed the mark, the devil wants you to believe that God won’t forgive you, and that God has forgotten about you, but I come to serve the devil with a notice this hour of the Day wherever you are reading these words of encouragement, that IT’S NOT OVER YET!

I need you to speak this into your spirit this hour, say yes, I’ve fallen short sometimes and yes I missed the mark, but I declare that IT’S NOT OVER YET! I find myself looking at this moment on the rooftop with David, because sometimes it isn’t always the ones in the valley that messed up, it isn’t always the little people, the people of low standards, it isn’t always the janitor or the cooks that mess up sometimes it’s the CEO that messes up, you don’t have to be down in the valley to mess up, sometimes it’s on the mountain top, it’s on the rooftop.

This is where I find David, he is home taking a break from battle, this is during the springtime and all the kings and soldiers are out in battle, but David is at home, We don’t know why he decided to be left behind. We don’t know why he choose to get out instead of staying inside the house or he should have stayed on the battlefield because anytime you step away from your God given assignment, you’ll look at some stuff you shouldn’t, you’ll go some places you shouldn’t, you’ll say something you shouldn’t, you’ll listen to some stuff you shouldn’t, you’ll sleep, eat, and play some places you shouldn’t. Here David is on the rooftop when he should have been down in the valley fighting, and he sees the beautiful Bathsheba bathing and purifying herself, and the bible says David saw her and he desired her, then he sent for her. 

You know the story he laid with her, and she became pregnant, and in an effort to hide himself David sends for her husband Uriah to come home, he wanted to make Uriah responsible for the child he made but Uriah said I refuse to have pleasure while others are dying on the battlefield, Uriah was more honorable than the king. David then gave orders to send him back to the field and put him on the front line so he can be killed, and that’s exactly what happened. The bible tells me that God wasn’t pleased, so he sends Nathan the prophet to David, Nathan tells him the story of the man that had one little lamb that he loved like it was his own daughter, he feed this lamb, this lamb ate from his own table, he slept with this lamb in his bosom, and he nurtured this lamb, it was all he had.



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