Let no one frustrate your purpose-12th August 2022

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Friday, August 12th, 2022

Let No One Frustrate Your Purpose

Ezra (4:4-5)

The people of Judah were determined to build the Temple for their God. Discouragement from the people around was raising every day. These people were experiencing resistance from doing the work was through discouragement and fear. Notice in verse 4 that the people then discouraged the people from doing the work and made them afraid to build. They did everything they could to frustrate the plans of the people to build the temple. You can imagine what the discouragement would look like as they tried to thwart their plans to build. You cannot do this. You do not have enough money or resources. The work is too great. The work will be too hard. The work will never succeed. You might as well quit while you are ahead. There are all kinds of ways that people can hurl discouragement so that people are demoralized and stop doing the work. Plant seeds of doubt and fear into the people and watch their fervor wane. This is what the surrounding people are doing. Notice in verse 5 that we are told that this discouragement and fear did not go on for a couple of days or for a few weeks. To continue to the reign of Darius means that this discouragement was going on for 16 years. The people will experience 16 years of other people making them afraid, making them discouraged, and frustrating their plans.

Join us this Sunday as we interact with the scripture to understand more about Not Letting Anyone to Frustrate your Purpose. 



Sunday Service!!!

Friends, both those who are considering to be in person, and online, Join us this Sunday as we interact with the scripture to understand more about Not Letting Anyone Frustrate your Purpose- Rev Mary Miriti


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Oasis is 8yrs old, wow! Happy birthday Oasis. We give all the glory to God for this far you have taken us- Ebenezer. Oasis 8th year anniversary revival meetings and Faith driven fundraiser was more than a success. From all corners of the world, his remnants came to build a temple according to his word in the book of Haggai 8:1. They hearkened to the call and the voice of God. They obeyed in presence, absence, with their finances and just obeyed as they were. The speakers Dr. Bertha Kaimenyi, Apostle GG Mugambi, Canon Micah Amukobole were God ordained. The word is unforgettable, all recordings can be found in our Oasis Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Our musician and artist throughout the week Minister Rosemary Njage have recorded several music albums that can be found on YouTube under her name.

 Oasis T shirts are still out for sale @ $20 now, from $25 a piece. All the funds from the T shirts sales are geared towards the fast and rapid growing Oasis Youth and Children Ministry to support and accommodate this growth.

We take this opportunity to thank all who supported Oasis 8th year anniversary in one way or the other and may God richly bless you. Special thanks to Rev Mary and the organizing committee who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth planning and program execution, our board members for your endless ongoing support, Oasis leaders, prayer partners, friends of Oasis and all Oasis ministries at various levels of service. All glory and honor to God.

On behalf of Oasis Church and on behalf of Rev Mary Miriti-Jackson, Sr Pastor at Oasis, Thank you and God richly bless you.

Beatrice - Oasis Lay leader---510-825-6676


What does worship mean to you? What does praise mean to you? Is worship something you participate in only at church? Is worship just music, offering and the message in church services? What then is praise? The simplest and most straight forward question is this: who are we as Christians to worship? Is praise simply songs? I invite you to consider the following reflections on these questions.

At Oasis Church we worship in person, online, through “Zoom”, in others’ homes for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship, and in the outdoors activities. Worship is showing honor and reverence to God outwardly. Worship inspires and channels God’s spirit to the congregants, picks them from where they are in their busy lives and point them to Jesus in participatory Worship. Worship reroutes the congregation thinking to shift their minds from the pressures and distractions of daily life, to focus on showing reverence to our Holy God for an allocated period of time. Drum set, guitar, keyboard, vocals etc. enhances the worship and the congregation connects with God while in worship moments. Good worship team moves the congregation from one higher level to another. 

As the worship leader of Oasis church, I am so, so proud of our worship team. If you join us, you become a family and you don’t desire to leave any more. If you are one among many that are looking for a church home where they can be part of a worship team, call the number below for the worship leader or the pastor and you will be connected to this growing fabulous worship ministry.

For more details reach out to Past. Stephen Kamau – 469-671-6672


We look forward to Thursdays! It our day of Corporate Prayer and Fasting. Please join us by calling, 425-436-6332 and enter access code *790-667* and if you do not get through, Please call *716-293-9754* then enter conference dialing number *425-436-6332* and then enter access code *790 bb7*.

Jesus said this kind of spirits/demons does not go out except by Prayer and Fasting. Fasting and prayer are often linked together (Luke 2:37; 5:33). Fasting without praying isn’t fasting. It is dieting or deprivation. The only reason to fast is to make space for you to seek the Lord with greater urgency. instead, we pray when we were supposed to be eating. Use the hunger pangs to remind you to remind yourself you hunger for God. Prayer and Fasting helps tear down walls, utter us into spiritual breakthroughs, destroys chains, and gives us clarity of God’s answers that we seek! We have received numerous testimonies and Praise reports following the prayer sessions. When God’s people practice biblical fasting and prayer, God hears from heaven and heals our lives, our families, our churches, our communities, our nations, and our world. Fasting and Prayer can bring about revival and transformation.

Join us every Thursday at 7:30 CT. 

By Christine Mugwongo


Youth and children ministry are the church of tomorrow like the way we’re a church of today while 40 year ago, we were either youth or children. Our desire as Oasis church is to be a catalyst for mission to young people and children within our reach so that they may become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Oasis vision of the Youth and Children’s Ministry is to raise up a generation of mature, life-long disciple-making disciples of Jesus the Christ by making the word of God grow rich in their life.

This will happen when we lift the profile, the priority, the worth and necessity of youth and children’s ministry among our church leaders. Youth and children’s ministry is not baby-sitting, it is gospel evangelism and intergenerational discipleship, with older people investing in the lives of younger people, just like Paul did with Timothy.

When your children join Oasis youth and children, they come out different and they reflect Christ to their peers.

Reach out to the Rev Mary Miriti for more details. 



The Ladies of Oasis are now officially the OASIS UNITED WOMEN IN FAITH following a beautiful Installation Service on Sunday, July 31st, 2022.


This means we are independent and can carry out the purpose of the United Women in Faith and our mission without having to belong to an umbrella group.


The installation Service gave each of the Oasis officials a better understanding of their role within the Women in Faith, the larger Church and assured the Oasis ladies of support from the United Women in Faith at all levels from district to National. 


We extend our appreciation to the Ridgewood United Women in Faith for their monetary gift in support of our Ministries and to Cynthia Rives the National Vice President for a gift to Mission in the name of Oasis United Women. In Faith

By President Mweru Okora