The delights of the spirit life-3rd June 2022

Oasis Global

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Friday, June 3rd, 2022



Romans 8:14-17

Imagine being born into a family that was poverty stricken. A family that was dysfunctional and doomed. A family with no hope or prospects for the future. A family that was dying and that didn’t even care for you at all. Now imagine that along comes a kind, gentle, and wealthy person. This person tells you that he/she loves you and offers to take you in as his/her own child. This person offers you everything your natural family could never give you and he/she offers it to you free of charge. All you have to do is come with him/her and consent to be his/her child. Sounds far more than a great miracle that you never thought about. However, that is exactly what happens to every person who places their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

As Paul moves deeper in this eighth chapter of Romans, he is continuing to illustrate the superiority of the Spirit life. He has already spoken of the deliverance of the Spirit life and the differences of the Spirit life. Now, in these verses, he speaks of The Delights Of The Spirit Life. Paul continues to tell us that every saved person has been brought into the family of God and enjoys all the rights and privileges of natural born children. The Delights Of The Spirit Life is projected and explained deeper in three ways. The delight of our adoption, The delight of our assurance and the delight of our affluence

According to Paul, We Have A New Family, when we believed, we became the “sons of God.” This means, we were removed from the family of Adam and transplanted into the family of God. We are literally His children, (1 John 3:1-3.) John tells us that we are His children now, and that one day, we will be just like our new Father. Verse 14 states that “As man as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” What this means is that those who are in the family begin to act like the family. For instance, there are certain people in the church who sound and act like their parents. Sometimes, on the phone you cannot tell who is who? They phrase things like their parents and even sound like their parents.

We all develop traits that are similar to the family to which we belong. The same hold true in the life of the believers. If A person is saved, they will develop traits that are like the Father’s family. The primary trait being that they will be led by the Spirit of God! You see, every child of God has the Holy Spirit living within him, Rom. 8:9. And, if the Spirit is in residence, He will make His presence known! He will change the life He inhabits.



Pentecost Sunday!!!

Friends, both those who are considering to be in person, and online, Don’t miss the service this Sunday as we dig deeper of how the Pentecost Sunday comes with a new life due to the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives created The delight of our adoption, The delight of our assurance and the delight of our affluence into the life’s of believers. 

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Summer is here. It's that time of the year when we get to swim, ride boats and have fun by way of fellowship, food and other outdoor activities at the lake. 

Location:-Lake Lewisville

Date:- 6/18/22 

Time:-10:00AM Central time

Cost:-$15(Ages 12yrs and above)

 -Venue booking fee & admission. 

Pay via Church cash app at number

214 940 7898 or church cash app name $OASISGLOBALUMM.

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Prepare for a fun filled day. Food will be provided. Come ready for the word,boat rides and fun. Dress accordingly

We shall be celebrating our 8th anniversary! We want to thank you all for all your generosity and hard work towards growing our congregation.


To celebrate this monumental occasion, we shall have Revival services everyday from 6PM to 9PM then an Anniversary

Celebration followed by a Faith driven fundraiser.

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