What God does for the least likely-7th October 2022

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Friday, October 7, 2022


                 LUKE 17: 11-19

   We all have expectations. An idea of what is likely and what is unlikely for our lives. Jesus met ten men with no expectations of anything good. He transformed all their lives and especially one of them who returned to give praise to the Lord who had healed him. 

First, there was a meeting with the least likely. No one would stop and talk to the lepers. People were afraid of getting leprosy hence losing their work, becoming a social outcast, and suffering a health condition that was miserable and eventually life-threatening. These ten lepers knew that. They had no reason to think Jesus would stop, and all they could risk doing was calling to him from a distance. Jesus broke convention and any of the best advice he could have gotten and talked to them. He took time, came close, and got involved with the least likely people. I submit to each of you my friends that nothing in our lives repels Jesus. Even if everyone else shuns us, Jesus does not. We may think we are the least likely people Jesus would want, but the least likely are exactly the ones He wants. This encourages me even while serving the least immigrants, the spirit of God is my encourager, even when I feel like giving up due to many challenges faced while serving minority, Jesus attitude reminds me that I am still needed in Gods service. 

Second, hope and healing are given to the least likely. Hope is a marvelous gift that enables every human being to overcome one battle to another. Those who are struggling with life need to know there are better days ahead, to believe there is light at the end of their tunnel and that they will emerge stronger and able to pick life up again. The sick, the heart-broken, those who are depressed, those who are lonely, they need hope. Hope is what Jesus gave those lepers. “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” Those lepers surged with hope, and off they went. While they were on the way everything changed, and healing came. Sometimes the pain of life, the defeats, the knock downs, the weariness takes our energy and optimism. We become imprisoned in our own disappointments. Have hope in Jesus and your life will not be the same. The unlikely, the least likely, You and me, will have a different life when we invite Jesus, the giver of hope in our lives.

Third, gratitude comes from the one least likely. Among this group of lepers, some were Jews, and some were Samaritans. Jews and Samaritans would not normally be together, but their differences were secondary because they were all lepers. They needed each other to get by, and that overcame their natural dislike. Only one came back to fall at Jesus’ feet and thank him. It had to be a Jew. But it wasn’t. The one who returned, praising God, and pouring out his gratitude to Jesus, was a Samaritan. My question to each and everyone of you as you reflect on this devotion is, are you a Jew or a Samaritan?

Fourth, the ultimate healing is given to the least likely. All ten were made well. But the one who came back got more. All ten were made well on the outside, but the one who returned was also made well on the inside. He was the least likely to have his life changed, the Samaritan who got both physical and Spiritual healing.

Before I conclude may I invite you to be a blessing to the least of these, our children ministry. Our children ministry is receiving a very profound teaching from professional teachers and these children are thriving spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. They surprise me in their class and also at the gym. We have a class, lunch, and fun at the GYM every Sunday. Can you be one out there and you would like to partner with us in monthly giving in support to our children ministry? Call or e-mail me, to be in conversation of how you can be part of this growing and thriving ministry both in person and On zoom. Proverbs 22:6 says Train up a child in the way He should go and when He is old He will not depart from it. Be the FIRST to say YES!


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We celebrate new members who have joined us in September and this month. Our church continues to grow and we thank God for this milestone. OASIS is a United Methodist congregation community. All are welcome to experience genuine energetic worship with us!

Three brothers joined Oasis in September 2022

A family of four joined us on 1st October 2022. We are delighted that the Children's ministry continues to grow as well

We also celebrated birthdays for our members born in the month of September


The Couples Seminar held on 1st October 2022 on Zoom was a huge success. We shall be having Couples meeting every 4th Saturday of the month at 8pm central time. All couples are invited to join