The college and young adults of Oasis Global Mission Church come together with the desire to worship God and follow Jesus moment by moment. The group has mainly focused on bringing together young people from all parts of the world, including the United States and Africa. Since the creation of the group in 2020, a few things have been ongoing in the group while some goals have been achieved. We briefly show a few of those activities and plans.

Meetings: Bi-weekly on zoom conference, 12P CST on Saturdays. Social media meetings have been the background of communication. Recently, when the Covid pandemic dramatically changed the lives and behaviour of young people across the globe, our zoom meetings helped to maintain some normalcy and staved off the feelings of loneliness and isolation during and post-pandemic. Like other groups in the church, we believe that virtual communications are here to stay and will continue to expand the group worldwide.

In-person fun activities: Early last year, a small group gathered in person to worship together in Arkansas. The college and young adults' group is interested in more in-person gatherings for lunch/dinner, community volunteering activities or honoring in person. Those in the United States will meet in Arkansas by the end of the year. Also, small groups in Kenya (where we have several members) are planning to meet soon in Nairobi, Meru and Nakuru for a greet and meet session. All are welcome!

Topics on zoom meetings: A speaker series is available monthly with invited speakers. The group leaders always invite speakers to present on particular issues that touch on the lives of young adults. These can be other church leaders or outside guests.

Plans: Currently, plans are underway to discuss with the church leaders how to start a young adult's contribution kitty. Members will contribute small amounts. Money can be borrowed from the pool in emergencies or used for group activities.

All are welcome to the young adults group — the future leaders of Oasis

Patron Young Adults Ministry- Grace Mildred- +1(929)3749675